Mitsubal Tokyo

My Favorite Life style online store– Mitsubal Tokyo (密買東京)

They are selling different art & designs work that takes inspiration from their lifestyle.

“Delicate yet Ferocious”, “A clock in your House”, ” embroidery Tee” , all of these designs can be defined as an art and a work. ” Art” means they can be a good painting or sculpture displaying in an art museum, all of them present the point of view (even the aesthetic view) of the makers. “Work” means these designs are useful for life, they can be used as a tool to make us having more convenient life.

“Delicate yet Ferocious” is a hand-made bag presenting designers Kagari Yuusuke ideas “Yin and Yang”. “Yin” and ” Yang” are Chinese terms that is the description of the light side and dark side of the universe. Kagari Yuusuke using Sharp White color stiff bag to present the yin processing light, using Toxic Black washed soft bag to present the yang’s fine black of endless depth.

As a fashion designer, I might think that bag is one of the fashion items, it is a substitute of an outfit. However, Kagari Yuusuke think that bag is an art pieces. All of his designs is handmade. For this “Yin” and “Yang” collection, both of the bags are made by leather but he use treat the “Yin” and “Yang” bag differently. To make “Yin” bag to be a stiff bag, K.Y. paint the “Yin” bag by wall paint. He put serials layers of paint on top of the bag, to show the light and stiff side of “Yin”. “Yang” bag is made by leather without using any treatment, it keeps the details, bites and color different of leather. Kagari Yuusuke explains why he use leather as his made material, he think that leather comes from a once living being, of course there is a tension between beauty and death.The “Beauty and Death” also presenting the ideas of “Yin” and “Yang”.

” Monsieur Saruzaki” is so familiar to you? Actually, he is one of the character in <>, the security guide in Summer Set. He can also be a ring bell in our life, can you imagine? Mr. Saruzaki is a vintage toy, designers Yukishijushi wants to redevelop it to be a cute door bell, which adds more humunity in our life. Mr. Saruzaki will start his performance (you have seen in Toy Story 3) when the bells ringing. Even you are having you headphone at home, Mr. Saruzaki will run around the room to let you notice.It is reali smart and cute designs that evey girls would like to have one in their home.

“A Clock in your home” is an idea mixing art & design together, it can be a painting/photography , and it can also be a product. Paintings are too expensive to afford in normal life, designers Duo Noto has an idea to mix real clock on painting, that introduces a picture with a “realistic clock in background. Duo Noto studied in architecture, most of his “painting” uses building or everyday scenery as background, and he is also applying the same clock style in the scenery. They treat them as art pieces because it is a presentation of real and unreal.

“Embroidery Tee”is a crossover project of the site owner and Mr. Anekawa. They want to do something, they want to do a t-shirt, but they don’t want to send print tees. Mr. Anekawa stitches all of the t-shirt by himself, he don’t like to press a button to stitch patterns, he want to keep the unique wrinkle or fold that done by hand stitches. Mr Anekawa treat this t-shirt as art pieces, but I think we can also treat it as stylish fashion items. We can wear it for out going activities, we can wash this t-shirt by hand, this t-shirt can be wearable and still keeping the uniqueness.

Mr. Anekawa is also an embroidery artist, he creates artworks that made by hand drawing and stitching. On the other hand, he also did design works, he works as a graphic designer, showing his work in Dazed and Confused Japan. He also has his own studio presenting his “artwork” and his “work”.

Please see more information of this artist/ designer as below:


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