Graphic Artist – Jordan Metcalt

Graphic Artist – Jordan Metcalt

Jordan Metcalt, Graphic Artist/Illustrator, in Cape Town South America.

He is really good out using lines and black & white colors to present most of his works. His inspiration mainly comes from books, musics, boredom, fear, and a myriad of great artists, designers, and illustrators. In my observation , his inspirations also comes from the place he is living, some of his works also have the national of color of South America. Monsters is also the icon of his works, those monsters also have some distinctive national features.

Black & White is Jordan Metcalt favorite colors (sometimes he will also apply different colors in his work). He also likes to use paper, wood and computer as the main material for creation. His tools are rotring pens, paint markers, craft knives, Illustrator, and recently acquired fluorescent acrylic paint.

Firstly, we can have a look of his latest paper artwork: “We have always been this way”, ” From me, from you’, ” An ending, a beginning”

Jordan Metcalt has also shows up his latest drawings in “The Oh!No! Doom Show!”.  Most of these drawings  makes me feel about the natural environment, also about the environment protection, the monsters in drawings also makes me feel about some national costume. I think Jordan Metcalt gets inspiration of the place he is living to create these artworks. To see more about the show, please see this website for more details:

Jordan Metcalt also is a graphic designer, he created a set of consolatory cards with some of his “Monsters” as inspiration . I would like to buy some of his cards, because it is really cute and funny to send to friends. When you received these cards, monsters will tell you “Happy Birthday” “You Rock “High 5″” “Get Better, I’m Worried” “Good Luck”. These cards are also a colorful set for friends.By the way, these characters on cards also very applicable in tote bag and t-shirt, may be Jordan can take this as his new material to present his artwork.

To see more:

I notice Jordan Metcalt in the book ” Nice to meet you too” about the creation of business card, Jordan really did a unique and remindable business card. He uses his favorite colors black & white and creates a really special shape for business cards triangle. You can see his business cards also show the main elements in his artwork, he uses lines and a monster’s eyes to apply in his business cards. His business cards also make me feel like it is a UFO society business card, really strangle but lovely.

To see more:

Here are also some more graphic designs of Jordan Metcalt. They can be strongly proved the black & white style and lines forming of his works.

To see more artworks of Jordan Metcalt , please see his flickr and behance websites:

To know more information of Jordan Metcalt, please check the interview of him in Art Bastard:


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