Anrealage Co., Ltd

Anrealage Co., Ltd – Japan Fashion Brand.

Fashion Designer, Kunihiko Morinaga, created Anrealage Co., Ltd in 2006-2007.

His view of fashion design is “Real, Unreal, and Age”. His design aims to place value on those things that do not catch your attention . He likes to play designs on forms, value and silhouette. We can see more different funny forms in his designs later on...

FW 10 collection – “Wideshortslimlong”

It is a collection showing the reform of shape of normal clothing, the designs show a destroy / distort of the length of clothing. The designs show a very contrasting shape of  “previous” clothing and ” after distort” clothing. It also has some of the outfits that we are familiar with, like the Burberry coat, converse-shaped shoes, America’s style print tee…. Kunihiko Morinaga also applied different colorful prints and patch works that created a playful collection mix with Kunihiko’s unique minimal style. For me, this collection is a little bit like the 2002 collection from Undercover, but I like Kunihiko collection more, because he played more about mix & match in his collection. On the other hand, he also applied some of the textile design technique (like treatment of fabrics and washing effect) in his collection .

SS 10 collection – “silhouette”

This collection is about pattern making and the finishing of outfit. The clothing of this collection has a normal flat look as dress or top, after wearing the shape changes into a totally different forms. You can see an outfit that is a dress normal flat look will turn to be a military coat. Kunihiko realize his aim of designs in this collection, he wants people to notice the process of making an outfit. Start from the pattern of clothing, he tells us the pattern making of clothing is very valuable, and it can be highly changeable. He also reminds me that pattern making can be a funny elements in design. This collection also presents Kunihiko’s minimal concept.

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SS09 collection : “Silhouette”

Kunihiko’s SS09 collection named as Silhouette  /凹凸, it comes from three different geometric shape – circle, triangle and square. Designer wants to transfer some geometric forms to human body, and he choose to present the collection as exhibition format, transferring his mind of fashion to be installation art. He uses biker coat, sport tee and even long coat as his media of transformation, and displayed them as different triangle/ circle or square shape. After the transformation, the shape of clothing will be destroyed to be a unique shape, and showing as a new draping way in fashion. It is a really new technique for pattern making, and Kunihiko also reminds people who normal geometric shapes can help to develop some unique silhouette. Kunihiko also applied grey, black and white color with different materials of clothing to create his own minimal style.

Print Tee project- AZ collection

The AZ collection is a print tee project of Anrealage Co., Ltd, it plays around the graphic of t-shirt, not the shape again. However, we can also see the mind of fashion from Kunihiko. He is really pay attention of the meaning of designer, like the ” せかい”  t-shirt, the graphic of print is formed by the world map to present the japanese work せかい- means the world. The other example is the Marilyn Monroe tee, it is also formed by the mountain map of Japan to create Pop art style in his print. All of these tees are concentrated on the meaning of designs, also the details of designs. They used contrasting color stitches on t-shirt and used 100% cotton as material to show their sincerity of design.

As a conclusion of Anrealage’s designs, they are all about meanings. As what the designers Kunihiko Morinaga said all of his designs focus to place value of those things that are not be concerned. I think the designer pay a lot of afford to think about the meaning of his designs, he reminds people about the important of pattern making, the important of geometric shape, and the important of the shape changing of destroy. His way of thinking is very minimalism, he reminds about the natural of designs-shape, and he use really natural ways to develop his designs. Sometimes, he creates colorful designs, but still keeping this “Nature” mind.

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