Ara Jo – Fashion Designer

Ara Jo – Fashion Designer

Ara Jo Graduated Central Saint Martin womenswear in 2009 and based in London as freelance fashion designer right now. She is working on her own brand ” Ara Jo” since her graduation collection . Her designs are suitable for woman who seek confident and enjoyable look, which presents a contemporary and exaggerated style. Ara Jo get inspiration from different muse/celebrity/character that helps her to create innovative outfits. She has also designed different outlook for celebrities like Lady Gaga, Leona Lewis. Lady Gaga brings so much inspiration for Ara Jo, and she would like to work with her again.

Ara Jo’s latest A/W 10 collection called “Vampire”, creating a glam black & white look for her character’s beautiful vampire. In this collection, she create evening dress to create a perfect outfit for special occasions. She uses marbled Lyra, lace and satin as main material for this collection , created some comfortable and light weight evening garments.

The S/S 10 collection created by Ara Jo is Mermaids. She uses the mythical creatures of deep-sea – Mermaids as inspiration, revealing the most sensual areas of female body. It mirrors the mermaids effortless ability to attract suitors. This collection is formed by vibert colours, effortless beauty and streamline shapes of mermaid, presenting Ara Jo unique beauty sense.

Ara Jo’s graduation collection is “Hypnosis”,it is inspired by disco ball fever, sexy silhouettes with elements of the avant-garde. Her muse is Lady Gaga for this collection, and the outfit is perfectly suit her. This collection blends joyous explosion of Lycia body suits and sparkles, creating a young and glamorous look for young teenagers.

Ara jo’s outfits on Lady Gaga:

I really like Ara Jo’s designs, it is presenting a kind of young glamorous. She uses Lady Gaga as her muse of design, presenting some of her exaggerated look. Her design also has another side of glamorous, not only exaggerates. In her latest collection “Vampire”, I can see some many delicate details on the outfit. She also reminds me one of my favorite designer Alexander McQueen. Ara Jo likes to create exaggerated and dramatic designs,  she also has a kind of young style in compare of Alexander McQueen. I believe that she has the ability to become next famous dramatic fashion designer, hope she can presents the glamorous beauty that McQueen created before.

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