Noumeda Carbone – Illustrator

Noumeda Carbone – Illustrator

Noumeda Carbone is working as an illustrator in 2005. She graduated in Istituto’ Arte di Firenze and earned a degree in Arti Grafiche.She owned her studio based in Florence, working for different fashion brands, fashion magazines, beauty and hair company, and even for drama or art society.

Her work is influenced by some illustrators like George Bataille, Jacques Pre’vert, Pier Paolo Pasolini and music. She mainly use ink, pigment liner, Photoshop (computer), felt-tip pen mixing with hand drawings. Her philosophy of art/illustration is “Love the error, the small surprise between lines and the light.”

Here are some of her works for clients:

Her lastest work is for Umberto Giannini Hair Comestics Limited, using for packaging and the interior design of salon.

She uses very girlish illustration to present the beauty of hair /make up of women. Using black & white to present cosmetics and hair is a very confident idea, her graphic sense also present the topic by lines and structure very well.

Her work for Fantastie Tricot Jersey manufacturer is also a girlish illustration. She takes inspiration from Japanese’s ukiyo-e(浮世繪), presenting the pictures by using water paint and Photoshop to create contrast between rough drawings and detail drawings.

She also worked for magazines illustration projects, one example is for Kult Magazine. She did the editing jobs for the photos, drawing on menswear photo shoot. She keeps her own girlish style in the menswear, using the concept of smoke to blend girlish with menswear.

She also presents some of her personal work in the portfolio, presenting girlish style with a sense of naturalism. In her drawings, I can see that she likes flowers and focus on the lines , form and structure in her paintings. I can say that her illustration not only related to fashion / beauty, it also brings out painters own sense – the love of nature.

To see more:


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