SS 11 Menswear Summary

S/S11 Menswear Summary

Floral for men?

We can see that there is a trend to apply floral print or pastel colour in menswear S/S 11, and I like Kenzo’s, Paul Smith’s and Alexis Mabille’s S/S11 collection that presents this theme very well.

Kenzo presenting a relaxing and soft feeling for its menswear collection. They use tone-in-tone floral print and pastel colour as main elements for collection, mixing with melange suit and nice printed  knit wear .  I like the knit wear very much, it has a very nice knit structure print on top with nice much colors off deep blue and cream. The art director of Kenzo – Antonio Marras created a muse for his collection, he imagines a French artist traveling to Tokyo for the first time and absorbing the intricacies of Japanese culture into his own style that’s why the whole collection has a blend of french relaxing silhouette with Japan’s details print on top.

Paul Smith applied colorful marble print on t-shirt in his collection. He matched such colourful print with black leather, creating a black rocker looks for his models. Paul Smith applied sixties hippies style in his collection , and his muse for this collection is William Morris. Even he used a sixties style as his inspiration, I really think that his collection is really trendy, the nice tone-in-tone printed jacket, nice boots and shiny print pants.. makes all girl wants to buy this menswear!!

Alexis Mabille created a pure and natural collection that use a little bit floral print for menswear. In his collection, he applied the earth tone colors mixed with pure white to create a kind of naturalism. I also like the way he use wooden accessories to match this pure outfits. Alexis Mabille defined this collection as a decoration of classics, he create the Midnight cowboy looks again by applying naturalism and details inside. It makes the whole collection becomes pure and fresh.

Skull print for Comme des Garcons?

We can see so many skull inspired collection in S/S 10 menswear, and Comme des Garcons keeps the trend to S/S 11 menswear. It is not a bad idea to replay the trend from S/S 10 , because Comme des Garcons plays the print of Skull very well. She applied so skull print on jacket, dress, T-shirt or shirt for the collection. It has a good play of black & white, and the mix & match of outfits fit very well. Rei Kawakubo named this collection as ” the skull of life”, she combined the checkerboard patterns with the traditional print of memento mori, and it is Rei’s mind of dance macabre.

The Charlie Chaplin look for John Galliano

John Galliano plays around black & white for his S/S 11 menswear collection, too. His uses Charlie Chaplin as his muse for this collection, using the  bowler hat to decorate the modern look for this seventies muse. John Galliano applied the new silhouettes for his collection, he uses the dropped crotch pants without use the slim-cut silhouette. He said that it is his mind of flagrant dandyism. I really like his collection that create a dramatic looks as a modern Charlie Chaplin. He uses black & white in his collection mainly, but he still created an exaggerated and attractive look. The make-up of models also match the outfit very well, and the mix & match of outfit helps to bring out the theme of collection.

In a conclusion, I really like the use of floral prints and pastel colours for S/S 11 menswear, it breaks the normal colour used for menswear. I can also see the trend of using graphics or tie dye to presents menswear outfit, it is a good news to use special illustration in menswear.


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