ITS # nine trend forecasts

ITS #nine trend forecasts

ITS received hundreds of portfolios every year, they represent an insight in a young talent’s mind. The society grouped all of the portfolio of this year, and made a trend forecasts to present the young talent’s mind to see how “TRENDS” connect to a designer.

We have seen there are an increase of menswear collections last year, it presents a “Saturation” in womenswear design. This year, we can see more and more menswear projects in the applications. There are another trend focuses on body and nature, and designs are related to any unnatural or forced position and gesture. “Caziness and volumes” is also another trend this year to present the refined sartorial street style. For the menswear, there are a “Great male abandon” to apply dress silhouette and colours that appear in womenswear. For the womenswear, applicants show more intelligent solutions replacing the exaggeration of volumes, replace it to be more linear silhouette, or the increase of volume on shoulder and hip.

There are also different main trends grouped in 2011 trend forecasts:


Nightingale and crow are the muse this year, they presents in outfit, accessories (decorative), structural element, embroidery and prints. “Spread wings” is also one of the main element, presenting in mix and match outfit or as decoration of outfit.


Insect is another muse appeared in mood boards or presenting in different silhouettes/accessories on outfits.

Muscles & Bones

More Designers create collections related to naked body, or turned inside-out to show the muscles & bones. It is a theme represents the concept of a human body will conscious of its ability to survive without the need to exploit the skin of other living creatures for its own wealth.


Wound, Scars and Sutures are local physical consequences. This theme is presenting in a visual and conceptional level, and transform it in fashion design (silhouette or accessories) or in print.

Double heads

Double heads mean the concept of people facing its own conscience or a bond between past and future. This concept presents in accessories, silhouette and decoration.


Marks also presents as a part of double heads. It is a concept of a semiotic way of “hiding to reveal”. It just like what people normally said “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth!!”

Tents & New Normand

Tens & New Normand presenting a concept of homeless and travelers. We can normally see there are so many temporary shelter appear today, it also influence the design in 2011. This concept present in silhouette or colors of designs.

Geometry & Symmetry

This theme is about silhouette. It presents the futurist mirrors and kaleidoscope, using volume or silhouette to present this trend. The materials or techniques of this trend is weaving, replacing the own trend of overall print and knitwears. Different weaving ways will be used in future, like the celtic symbol of the round dogs or the traditional weaving way of Bottega Veneta. The main muse of this trend is painter/sculptor Umberto Boccioni.


Designers show an autumn garden color tone in their collections. We can see grey , charcoal, with yellow and blue and a few solo of red presenting in collections.

Clean & Shape

Clean & Shape theme can easily be seen in menswear collections. We can see there are more intelligent solutions with a replace of exaggeration of volumes. More linear silhouette will be used and an increase of volumes in shoulder and hip.

In conclusion, there are more personal or self-referential concepts applied in collections in 2011. We can see the themes are comes from the nature (Birds, Insects ) to the structure of human body ( Muscles & bones, Scars) to a deep thinking about human behavior (Double heads and Marks), then shift to some society problems (Tents & New Normand). It presents designers have more deep thinking about the concepts of their designs, not only the shape or the appearance beauty.

On the other hand, ITS also has a report about designers favorite designers or magazines in 2010. The favorite designers are Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan, Masion Martin Margiela, Comme des Garcons and Viktor and Rolf. The favorite magazines are Vogue, Elle, Nylon, Dazed & Confused and i-D.


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