Denmark Designskolc – The Danish Design School Graduate show

Denmark Designskolc – The Danish Design School Graduate show

The Danish Design School is an educational institution under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Culture. The School’s mission is to ensure the international position of Danish design, further the competitive ability of Danish business, and contribute to the establishment of international standards for design education and design research. The Danish Design School Graduate Show holds in Copenhagen fashion week SS11 on Wednesday August 11th.This year Graduate show will bring seven fabulous graduation collections to the catwalk, and we can found some young talent in the show.

The Danish Design School Graduate Show:

Liza Fredrika Åslund

Her Graduation Collection is inspired by a dream she had during a period of fasting. She dreamt that she was strolling down a street in a deserted city much like Copenhagen. Not a person was in sight, it was right at dawn and all the curtains were hanging outside the windows. As she strolled down the pavement all the sheer curtains kept brushing up against my face and they smelled faintly of old men’s perfume.She entered a house and in the lobby there was a huge bathtub with a large chandelier hanging over it. The chandelier was all covered in wax and there was a small set of stairs leading down to the bathtub, which was also drenched in stiffened wax. In a connected room with black and white checkered floor was a bowl of Anthon Bergh’s marzipan eggs, the chocolate ones covered with a hard pastel coating. Only these ones were broken and larger than they would normally be. She ate one of them and they started growing in my mouth ending up with me vomiting melted chocolate in a never-ending pace.

That’s why we can see the whole collection is so dramatic and applying quite causal silhouette.The color of this collection is in earth tone- brown, black and light grey. It just like the colors we can see in our dreams.

Annakarin Lundgren

Annakarin Lundgren is one of the young talent showing her collections in Copenhagen fashion week.

“I like to remember things my own way.” is her philosophy of designs. She embraced her skills of working intuitive. The collection is based on a specific mood and feeling of a film which does not yet exist. It just likes a “dream” in designer’s mind. She uses the words “peaceful”, “Deserted” “Dry”, “Art-deco”, “Slow”, “Cubism”, “Futurism” and “Russian Constructivism Art” to presents her collection. That means it is an architecture, massive and feminine collection.

To see more about this designer:

Anne Birkjær Bitsch

Anne Birkjær Bitsch takes inspiration from old french movies, and the collection reflects the mood and development of it. She used different textile experiments, colors and silhouettes in her designs to to express the essence of the deeper layers and meanings in the story. Each outfit has its own  unique expression and shape .I also think that designers apply her perference of graphic or print designs in the collection to present a funny and elegant looks.

To see more about the designer:


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