Ground-Zero—– UK fashion brand

Ground-Zero—– UK fashion brand

Ground-Zero established in 2003 by duo brothers Eri and Philip Chu. The signature of their brand is most of their unique graphic print clothing. Another elements of their designs are the forms and shape of clothing, they create new style by reinterpreting and subverting the old couture culture to be casual street looks. They think that every collection is a new experiment. They like to mix different elements of garments to presents their work, including styling, colors, silhouette and the unique graphics.

Eri and Philip Chu’s passion in fashion started from high school. They like to remake vintage clothing to be new designs. Eri studied in graphic design afterward and gain knowledge of cutting and forms by working for a classic tailor shop, which gives him different knowledge to apply in designs. Philip choose to study in fashion management to learn the knowledge of management that helps him to start-up their own brand.

London is their inspiration and their muse. The brand name “Ground-Zero” means “Zero could be everything”, it will not limited itself into just being a fashion brand. it can be divided into anything, including graphic, music, video, art installation etc.

FW10 collection

The FW10 collection of Ground-Zero is the mixture of England college look and rock style. It just like a rebel at school, with the biker/military jacket but still keeping a neat and tidy look. They play around the forms fo jacket, adding different elements like rock , military and boyish inside to create the unique school look. They also applied nice graphic tee in the collection, presenting different famous character in fashion world. Those t-shirts also have great details on shoulder and bottom part that makes the designs become initial. I think this collection is an experiment of england school look mixing with rock, military and boyish style. They have good fashion photos of this collection , having nice pick of scene and nice accessories for the collection. If they can use more accessories like badges, school black leather shoes or school bags , it will be a better description of the image of rebel at fashion college.

Ground-Zero has also hold an installation art exhibition for the t-shirt of their fw 10 collecion, called ” SS2010 Tranoi Exhibition”. Showing their graphics in a different way (like a painting or art pieces)

SS10 collection

The SS10 collection of Ground-Zero is “Can’t buy me love”. This is all about being playful and fun , even we are facing the decayed world. It presents the attitude of go forward, even we are cannot afford luxuries, we still can put it on prints to present our point of view for fashion. The collection using the famous icons of different brand names as print, presenting the passion of fashion and the “causal” look of luxury products. It is a good try to animate different fashion icons to be a cartoon with the cash prints,  presenting we can own those luxury in our own way.However, I still think that there is a lack of using sparkling elements in a collection presenting young luxury life. A shiny print or sparkling embellishment can make the collection become more attractive.

FW09 collection

The Fw09 collection called “We Need”. It is about consumerism that commonly seen right now. ” We Buy, We Spend, We Pick, We Wear, Simply because we need.” They used different famous necessaries brand as their inspiration, creating different print related what we spend for in normal life. There are also a good use of credit card print and a good use of packaging print on jacket. The use of color is also very eye-catching, it also presents the attraction of packaging of different products, which is another expression of consumerism.

SS09 collection

“Lazy, naughty, Sleepy” is the theme of SS09 collection. It is about the memories of childhood. We can find funky and playful elements with edgy cutting details in the collection. The use of pastel color also presents warmth and coziness of childhood memories. There is a highlight of the print of Gummy Bear, the Gummy Bear presents the disobey of childhood that created different action like drink beer, smoke weed etc. The use of knit stitches and paint dirt print is also a presentation of disobey, which is a great surprise to apply “knit” in spring summer collection.  This collection also uses sleepwear silhouette presenting the laziness of childhood. There are also a nice use of accessories, the funky boots and legging matches the clothing well, but it will be better to apply more slippers to show the laziness of childhood.

Ground-Zero also likes to create different print tee that is related to music, it plays around different icon of music including pop, classical and even band sound. The project “Colors of music” was created in 2009. It is a project mixing pop music stars with trendy elements like british flag, I Love … wording etc. It is a kind of reminds of us for those fabulous single in 80s.

“Back to the future” is another projects related to music created in 2008. It is a mixture of futurism with the portrait of “Old” star in 40s-60s. “Back to the future” means every stars applied is a kind of classic, they are still very trendy right now or even for future. They believe that their soul and music will inspire us in the future.

“Rock the Classic” was also created by 2008. It is the mixture of classic musician or pop star with victoria or gothic style graphics. It just like a new fresh ideas attack the classic beauty.

In conclusion, I think that Ground-Zero is a brand represents the youth power. They take inspiration for issue of every day life, they express their point of view of those issue. They also has the character of teenagers, like playful, funky, rebel, passion of everything, and the courage to speak one’s mind. I really like their experiments of mixing different style and forms in their designs. For me, it is kind of disobey of tradition or classic, but it is also a reform or refresh or even remind of classic elements.

I also have a suggestion of their music mix fashion/graphic projects. They applied different pop stars or classic in different generation before. It is a time to presents the new music icon right now , like Lady Gaga, The Gossip, Cold play etc. They can become the “New Hero” in this generation. May be they can create a mixture of hero elements with the new pop star right now.

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