Henrik Vibskov – Denmark Designer

Henrik Vibskov – Denmark Designer

Henrik Vibskov born and grew up in the country side of Jutland in Denmark. He studied in fashion design in Central St Martin School. Through the study of fashion, he also developed different knowledge in visual arts, film and music. He established a fashion brand called “Henrik Vibskov” since 2001 that based in Copenhagen. Henrik Vibskov always questioning the existing shapes, he takes great reference to traditional tailoring and redevelop them to be new shapes matching with innovative color combinations. Henrik Vibskov also interested in visual art, art installation, textile designs and he even own a shop in Copenhagen selling some of his favorite brands.

SS11 collection

The SS11 collection is all about whack people. Henrik Vibskov plays around different color combination, he focuses on balance, he choose either black with all colors or just all in white. The accessories of this collection is something similar to swimming goggles and mix & match with head brace. Wood, Animal is also his inspiration of this collection, he applied these icons in the textile print. Grouping all of the styling, coloring and silhouette of this collection, it is quite a comedy like fashion show and collection.This kind of style really match the young, playful image of Henrik Vibskov’s designs.

AW 10 collection

Henrik Vibskov’s AW 10 collection shows up very hand craft skills and different details and layering. The main theme of this collection is the wanderer in highland. Henrik Vibskov wants to create a collection that is related to some scary and spooky film like Sin City, he also puts elements of the film Malcolm X in his collection. He applied different hand craft skills in this collection including patch works, ink splashing dye, hand knitting and even tie dye. I also think that the styling of this collection is really great, nice color match and nice details on each pieces. We can also see different conventional jacket in this collection , and Henrik Vibskov makes them different by adding details and redevelop the silhouette of jackets. In my point of view, this collection is kind of couture making, but in a young casual way.

SS10 collection

The SS10 collection held in a zoo. Henrik Vibskov decorated the fashion stage to be a grassland. The SS11 collection talks about the problems of global warming, he wants the fashion show back to the nature. We can see there are different Africa prints in the designs and the models dress like an original inhabitant. It is a deep thinking about the theme of collection , he wants us to think about the original inhabitant’s culture and the safety of our world.

AW09 collection

Aw o9 collection is about timing. Henrik Vibskov wants to create a time machine to let us visit the future dressing way. In the collection , we can see very futuristic patterns and whack, psychedelic prints. He also applied very fantasy-fuelled roguish geometric prints. We can see Henrik Vibskov combined futuristic style with street funky elements, making this collection to be chic and unique. The accessories and make up of modal is also a highlight of this collection.

To see more about his latest fashion collections, please see this site:


Henrik Vibskov is also working different projects in art installation. The “Fringe Project” is one of his big project in art installation, and he hold different exhibitions related to this theme in different art museums.

To see more about his art installation and “The Fringe Project”, please see this site:


Henrik Vibskov also did so many development in textile designs and graphic print patterns, here are some of his developments.

-copper engraved prints

– Paper cuts

– linoleum prints

– linoleum panda people

To see more about his textile or print development, please see this site:


In conclusion of Henrik Vibskov’s work, I really think that he combines art with designs. It makes his collections or art work become unique. Henrik Vibskov’s collections show up in a dramatic way, I think he also combines his inspiration of installation art in his fashion stage and event the make up and accessories of modal. The kind of drama he presented is not the one that Alexander McQueen shown. Henrik Vibskov shows his dramatic mind in a young and funky way, it is a crazy through of teenagers designers.

By the way, Henrik Vibskov also hold a shop in Copenhagen, called ” Henrik Vibskov boutique”. Showing all of the designer pieces he pick and showing his point of view as a buyer.

To see more about his shop, please see his blog:



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