–my favorite fashion snapshot website–my favorite fashion snapshot website

Fashion is always my favorite fashion snapshot website, they don’t have much description of the wearer, but they take every parts of their outfit.

I like Japan street fashion, I really like their mix & match technique. I always call them as “mix & unmatch”, it seems like they put all of the prints or different textile together in one outfit, but it doesn’t look mess, it looks so good!Japan people always show their personality on what they are wearing. We can see rock, vintage, feminine or even funky styles in the website, and they mix & match their clothing with different accessories, printed garment etc, it really shock me!!They also focus on the details of clothing, like a bone printed legging? Vintage style studded suede shoes? Canvas hat with eyes printed on top? They are really funny and crazy stuff that everyone would like to have one!!

Fashion snap also have different reports about new shops or new brands in Japan (mainly in Tokyo), the latest one is about the new shop of Theatre Products in Tokyo and their new collection “Spectacle in the Farm”. You can also see different collections of Japan and worldwide brands like TakahiromiyashitThe Soloist 2010 winter collection, giuliano Fujiwara 2010 winter collection and Mikio Sakabe 2010 winter collection etc (they are all of my favorite designers!!)

So, let’s go to and have a look of all of these lastest Tokyo fashion news:


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