Yang Du — Chinese Designer

Yang Du— Chinese Designer

Yang Du is a Chinese girl who born in 1978. She studied BA course of fashion design in Tsing Hua University in China, then she applied the exchange program to Paris. In the half-year in Paris, she learned a lot about the design style of europe countries and she aimed to study abroad in Central St Martin. She finished the BA course and MA course in Central St Martin, and worked with some famous designers like Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano after her graduation. She gained a lot experience through working and her collection “It’s Dream in Colors” let her become a finalist in ITS#7 that makes her become famous.

Yang Du’s designs are very surrealism. She plays her collection between art and fashion, big intarsia in knitwear and many colors are her signature. Some people said that she designs  like Vivienne Westwood designs, but I think that she also put her dreams in designs, not as marketable as Vivienne’s works. I also appreciate what she did for the mixture of art and fashion, her clothing are really fashionable, but it is a little bit strange, and that makes her designs become so special.

AW 2010 X My Heart

All of the designs of AW 2010 comes from Yang Du’s heart. The designs still have “Surrealism” elements on it, the graphics just like people in the dreams. It also presents the personality of Yang Du — a kind of “Kidult”. This is because we can see so many childhood elements are using in the collection. Teddy bear, Strawberry and Little Horse , all of them are toys we played when we are kids. Her collection just like using kidswear elements in ready-to-wear, but she means all silhouette of the collection become very commercial and marketable.  That makes the clothing become funny and safe for wearing.

SS2010 Mr Right Town

The SS2010 collection of Yang Du called “Mr Right Town” . Yang Du thinks that the process of a girl to find Mr. Right is just like the process of an animal finding their Mr. Right. Girls wear make up and dress up very beautifully when they are dating with their Mr. Right. It just like animals show up their power or show up the beautiful patterns on body to attract the others.It is a funny match with animals and human beings. I like the Mickey Mouse like hat very much, it is another wearable and special fashion products.

AW 2009 Buda and Pest

“Buda and Pest” is about the link of past and future. Yang Du redevelop the portrait of some famous artist like Van Gogh, mixing her “surrealism” style in the graphics. She also apply the fruit she like to eat and the animal she like most in the collection. It makes the collection becomes very modern and still keeping the story of those famous artists. I like the graphics of this collection, very nice use of colors and the “surrealisted” artists become very modern and cute. I also like the accessories of this collection, all of the flowers, bags and hats are knitwear, very childish feeling but still very marketable.

AW2008 Falling in love is a risk

This is the most thick knit I have seen in Yang Du’s designs. She wants to tell us that falling in love is a risk because it will make people become crazy? it will make people wearing that custome-like clothing and make them to dress up as “beautiful” as they can? I think this collection is not so marketable, but it is still very interesting that we can see Yang Du applied so many details on the designs.

In conclusion, I really like Yang Du’s designs, she is not another Vivienne Westwood. Even both of them are playing designs that using surrealism as inspiration, but Yang Du applied some childhood elements in her designs. Her designs is so cute and show up her personality to be very playful and relaxing. I think Yang Du can also try to develop more woven garments for mix & match. She is a good knitwear designer, but I would also like to see she plays more about the silhouette of clothing and even wants to see more interesting shape for her knitwear.


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