Simon Rasmussen – Denmark Fashion Stylist

Simon Rasmussen – Denmark Fashion Stylist

Simon Rasmussen is a Copenhagen fashion stylist, working for Qvest Magazine and Dansk Magazine before. He also presented his first collection in AW 2011 Copenhagen Fashion Week. Simon Rasmussen takes inspiration from suburban people and arty people, he likes people who is non sense in style… He thinks that the bottom of fashion cycle has much more humor in it and he can find so many funny stuff in those outfits. “elder men” is another inspiration for Simon Rasmussen, he likes the classic fitted suit and sophisticated mix of color and textures in elderly outfits. In his process of creation, he likes to blend the opposite issue (suburban people and elder men) and turn banal to edgy.

AW 2011 Collection

The AW 2011 Collection is about home furniture and accessories, also about recycling. We can see the models wearing different elements at home, including teddy bear, wall painting print, telephone and plastic bag etc on body. Simon Rasmussen also applied his good technique of textile design in the collection. The nice teddy bear dress and plastic bag coat really shock me. Simon Rasmussen also applied his own style of using inspiration of elder men and suburban people, and give you a very warm outfits from home.

Styling work

Simon Rasmussen’s styling work also show his edgy style.He has his own styling and photography work, also using some materials from home like plastic bag, christmas accessories and plants etc.

Styling work for <Dansk Magazine>

Styling work for <Tush Magazine>

Styling for <Euromen>

In this styling work, Simon Rasmussen shows his different part of talent. He did the causal commercial wear for the brand Euromen. He really shows the Japanese causal styling in the photo shot, that proves he doesn’t only doing edgy works, he can also doing well in commercial work.


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