Herman Miller’s Competition “Design for U”

Herman Miller’s Competition “Design for U”

A worldwide furniture design company Herman Miller launched a competition of winning 5 artist’s hand-painted chair . The competition called “Design for U”, Herman Miller invited 5 artists including Andrew Holder, Philip Lumbang, Christopher Lee, Mark Giglio and Josh Cochran. All of these chairs are about our environment and the protection of earth, showing Herman Miller is a earth-saving company.

We can see the illustrations are so meaningful and pretty. I also think that some big brand names can also hold this kind of activities, showing their “Love of earth???” , and let others notice that good illustration is a part of fashion.

Andrew Holder

Andrew Holder is a fashion illustrator for Urban Outters and Dwell Magazine. Andrew Holder draws a peacock on the chair to present the rare animals in the world. Bringing out a message of the protection of the animals in the world , and we don’t have the right to steal their life.

Christopher Lee

Christophere Lee classifies himself as a “multidisciplinary designer and illustrator of sorts”. He likes to use pencil as his drawing tools and takes inspiration from vintage toys. In this project , he draws a tree fairy on the chair, reminding people about the fast waste less of trees and reminding us trees is an important element for our ecological cycle.

Josh Cochran

Josh Cochran’s works is inspired by clutter and the minutiae. His illustration describes about the normal life of human beings, and their waste of energy. It is a reminder of less use of energy and turn it becomes a “Green Life”.

Philip Lumbang

Philip Lumbang takes inspiration from cartoon characters. He has a signature of the “Awesome Bear”, and he would like his illustrations can bring happiness. This time he recreated the “Awesome Bear” to be a polar bear, and hope people notice the melt of ice in North Pole and the extinction of polar bear.

Mark Giglio

Mark Giglio likes drawing, painting , Kate boarding and surfing, and all of his illustrations takes inspiration from his preferences. Mark Giglio takes the topic of ethnic minority as his inspiration, he wants to remind us that the damage of environment not only influence the animal’s life, but also will cause the extinction of ethnic minority.


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