Fashion Group – Anntian (what a concept presentative)

Fashion Group – Anntian (what a concept presentative)

Anntain is a Berlin fashion group, started by Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt in 2006. They always want to tell a story reveling a very own little world within in their collections. They call the concept is the “heart” of collection. Clothing, accessories and installation are the ways they present the depth look upon the things they took inspirations. Anntain concentrate on the uniqueness of their products, the graphics/colors products from Anntain are handprints by the two designers. They want to create the unique closeness to product and the regional manufacturing of the products.  We can also see many hidden details and conceptual inspiration from the products of Anntain.

The characters of Anntain are reduced, clear, complexity in details , importance of quality, haptics and individuality in each product.

SS 2011 menswear collection

We can see the causal and relax look for menswear of Anntain. They want to create a relax mood in this collection, and telling a story of healthy life. Geometric graphics are the signature from Anntain, but the knitwear are also surprised me in this collection. Just like the print from Anntain, all knitwear in this collection are handknited, it really presents the passion of achieving uniqueness.

AW 2011 “Walk the Light”

“Walk the Light” presents the beauty of lighting. Anntain takes inspiration of the illuminated windows that give moments of insight while passing them. The designers think that it is a kind of hidden beauty, and it is an ordinary banal structures we come across everyday. They want to make this beauty become “special”, using the geometric graphics and special shape of silhouette to present this hidden beauty, as they said to give in the “magic” of this collection.

SS 2010 “Phase”

“Phase” is a dialogue of flowing and demanding geometric forms. Designers applied some basic forms such as triangle, circle and square in graphic designs and shape of clothing. They want to use different materials , perspective and context to present the “special” of basic forms.

AW 2009 “Directives”

“Directives” is a controversial dialogue about creating own directions and being the subject to directives. The concept is presented by a rather abstract thought or circumstance to create the “Crash” meaning.In the clothing in this collection, we can feel the boundaries and presenting the concept -“what is possible or not”.

Side project- “Project White T-shirt”

“Project White T-shirt” is a join exhibition for berlin designers, having a theme of plain t-shirt. Anntain thinks that basically the classic white t-shirt is an efficient way to cover the upper part of human body. They want to transfer this concept to another subject “horse”. That’s why they use t-shirt to make a horseman display and using horse body to drap a new shape of t-shirt. They make that “Horse -shaped” t-shirt become wearable and fit to human body, it presents as a new shape for human body.


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