Stephanie d’heygere- when graphics meet fashion

Stephanie d’heygere – Fashion designer & illustrator

Stephanie d’heygere comes from Belgium. She is graduated in the master degree of Royal Academy of Fine arts, Fashion Department, Antwery. She was also a graduated student of the balcher degree in same school. She worked for Jeremy Scott and Zac Posen as intership. The character of her designs are playful, the expression of childhood, colorful and energetic. Her favourite designers are Dries Van Noten and Bernhard Willhelm.It doesn’t surprise me, because Stephanie d’heygere’s designs are similar with them.
Master Degree collection “Humanimalus”

“Humanimalus” is the meaning of mixing human being with animals. We can see this concept in ancient oil paintings, they express that human beings and animals are both make by god. They also have the soul of God, when a human being mixing themselves with animals, means that they are grouping the soul of God, and it is the best way to feel the power of god. Stephanie d’heygere takes this legend as inspiration , and she developed her own print by using the colors of ancient paintings and the silhouette of animals. I like the mix & match of this collection with the nice digital prints, it just a good example to presents very conceptual ideas.

Balcher degree collection ” Hibou”

“Hibou’ takes inspiration from street art and childhood drawings. Stephanie d’heygere takes inspirations from the colors of graffiti and the line structure from childhood drawings. It makes “Hibou” becomes very playful and energetic. I like the color mixture of the print and very good styling in the look book.

Been by D’heygere

“Been by D’heygere” is a brand created by Stephanie d’heygere after her graduation. The name “Been” means leg in Flemish, “D’heygere” is the name of designer. The line is all about prints, with this season a focus on enlarged fruit prints. We can see pineapples, banana skins, water melon and sharlyn melon as a close up in the prints, matching with neon colors. For me, it is a bit lausy to apply this print on leggings, it is not user friendly product… However, it is good to see more colorful prints in the market , and the fruits print are really delicate and bright.


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