Jewellery and Textile Designer — Elinar Voytal

Jewellery and Textile Designer — Elinar Voytal

Elinar Voytal graduated from Bucks University major in Knitted Textile Design. Her graduate collection focuses on jewellery pieces made using machine knitting techniques and intricate embellishment. Her designs are the fusion of hard metal and crystal elements into the soft, delicate and luxurious structures of machine knitted silk and viscose. When she graduated, she continues to design new jewellery pieces and fashion accessories.
Bespoke Collection

Bespoke Collection uses twisted rope ,Swarovski crystals and chains as main materials. A little bit like rock style mixing with funky mood, the rainbow color tone also presents the happiness of Elinar Voytal’s designs.

Crimp Collection

Crimp collection used fabric wrapped stone as main material matching with metal chains and buckles. The rainbow color tone shows the brightness mood of Elinar Voytal’s designs.

Pixels Collection

Pixels Collection uses knitted silk and chains as main materials. The grey color tone of Pixels Collection is suitable for autumn winter wears.


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