Fashion Brand – Post Vernissage- fashion start from experiment

Fashion Brand Post Vernissage – fashion start from experiment

Post Vernissage started by a group of two designers. Karl Latraverse is a product designer , he mainly designs furniture and architecture. When he meets Ying Gao, that is a fashion designer and professor at Unversite du quebec a montreal, he starts his passion in fashion. Two of them start-up a fashion brand called Post Vernissage, mainly focus on experimental and minimal designs. Post Vernissage is doing slow wear with limited edition designs, which sell in Montreal , Canada and generously supported by TVS Swiss.
Post Vernissage started up two fashion lines, one is Less is More creating minimal designs, another is One of a Kind creating textile and experimental designs.


Less is More

Less is More is a menswear and womenswear line , which creates causal minimal styles for daily life. All of the products are made by high quality materials , like 100% coated cotton, 80% cashmere + 20% angora and 100% organza. Since the line focus on minimal designs , the color tone is black and grey tone.

One of a Kind

One of a Kind mainly focus on textile designs and silhouette designs, two of the designs treat this line as experimental design. They use modulatable pvbf and organza as material and play around display garments and bags.


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