Chae Young Kim- Textile Design (about nature and soul)

Chae Young Kim- Textile Design (about nature and soul)

Chae Young Kim is a Korean designer that graduated in BA textile design program in London Arts University Chelsea College of Art and Design. He also graduated in BA Fine Art / Visual communication Design in Seoul National University. His collection “Knitted Room” made him as the cologne finalist in International Furniture Fair 2009. He was also a digital printer of Alexander Mcqueen Fashion Designer Company in 2007. Now, he is a member of Arik Levy Workshop.
Knitted Room

“Knitted Room” is a competition piece for International Furniture Fair 2009, Chae Young Kim designed a series of pattern applying in furniture. Designer takes inspiration from a movie scene – an autistic girl got body painting on herself during her art-psychotherapy session. Chae Young Kim applied a painful memories of his childhood in the collection , he makes fine digital prints to present this mood. He also think that some structure in textile like reinterpreted threads, knitting, braiding is applicable in fashion and interior designs.

Smallest Garden

Chae Young Kim got sick when he is around 10 years old, his parents move him to a natural environment for recovery. Chae Young Kim has a touch of wildlife and recovered very fast in this period. He wants to make a collection using this childhood memories of nature. “Smallest Garden” uses the structure of plants to create those print designs, he applied strips and formulas to mathematic the concept “Nature” in his mind. Chae Young Kim applied hand drawing and digital elements in this collection, and presents this series of print on fine silk and tufted  to reflect the structure of flower and plants.

Gong Zone

Chae Young Kim further developed the concept of “Nature” , “Gong Zone” presents the linkage of human and nature. He thinks that “human is also an element from nature according to mathematical principles.” “Gong Zone” presents the idea of “Urban Camouflage-co-existence” of human and nature. He presents this concept in four elements : “Serumblossom”, “Brainflower”, “Spineflower” and “Vasculature”.

“Serumblossom” presents blood cells of human body, they group together to push human blood movement.

“Brainflower” developed from the structure of brain (the fissures and convolutions from brain, giving the brain a wrinkled appearance) “Brainflower” also applied the element of brain-drawing and neon color in the collection

“Spineflower” is the vertical curves of human body. They help to control the movement of human body, as a stand of body. Chae Young Kim focuses on curve line of human body.

“Vascular” is the boat or transportation of human body. Vascular has 3 layers , Chae Young Kim uses 3 contrasting color to present this concept.

When “Gong Zone” meet interior design and textile design.


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