Hui Hui- Germany Fashion Brand – the memories of childhood

Hui Hui- Germany Fashion Brand – the memories of childhood

Hui Hui is a Germany Fashion Brand established by a group of designers. Hui Hui joined the fashion show of Tokyo Fashion Week, and opened different show rooms in Berlin, Tokyo and USA. The style of Hui Hui is young, natural and causal , designers took inspiration from the place they lived and normal life. Hui Hui is also good at digital printing and knitwear design, this strengths help them to create a diversity of collection.
SS2011 Collection – Die Gerade und die krumme

“Die Gerade und die krumme” is a germany sentence, means a curly strangle line. We can see that the collection is a contrasting one, Hui Hui use beige as the main color with neon and bright colors as print. In this collection, we can see Hui Hui presents a causal and funky concept with the silhouette of clothing presenting the theme “Curly Strangle line”.

Fw 2010 Hiberation

Hiberation means a long sleeping period in winter time. Hui Hui used a warm color tone in the collection , with the mixture of knitwear and floral printed fabric. The graphic designer of Hui Hui used autumn garden as the main theme of this collection, creating a ribbon details in clothing and the tartan check mixing with floral print in the collection.

SS 2011 Julian

“Julian” takes inspiration from old memories and old industrial location. The whole collection created a old mood, using the material of loosely knit and draping in collection.

FW 2009 “Dada”

“Dada” takes inspiration from old vintage things. Hui hui applied vintage floral prints in the collection, with accessories that takes inspiration from building block game and hand craft buttons. This collection present an old british vintage style with the mixture of colors in warm and cold color.

SS 2009 “Ice-cream”

“Ice-cream” used a series of pastel color to present the cool feel and happy mood of Ice-cream. Hui Hui applied some funky accessories matching with slim silhouette to create a funny and elegant ice-cream mood.



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