FW 11 menswear summary – splashing colors!

FW 11 menswear summary – splashing colors!

There is a trend of color blocking and pajamas style on menswear FW 11. I like the collections of Burberry Prorsum, Edum, John Varvatos, Raf Simons and Junya Watanabe so much, they present these ideas very well.
Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum’s collection is the best hit in style.com website, most of the clickers think that this collection has nice use of colors. I also think that the coats and tartan jackets are super delicate and stylish, they dressed up all models like Sherlock Holmes. They modified some old silhouette and vintage styles , using shape colors and details to make those coat and outfit become up-to-date. Designers also put rock elements in this collection, making it become more popular.


Edum plays around the concept of pajamas in fw collection. They bring out a very casual but stylish collection. They choose to use grey tone to present their concept of Homeless, and applying the concept of layering.The presentation of FW collection of Edum is very simple and casual, it just like some photos in fashion snap shot website.

John Varvatos

John Varvatos created a collection that related to after war and timing. After war is connected with the concept of pajamas and worn-out things. Timing is showing what’s going on when things become old. John Varvatos has really good wool cut jacket and knitwear designs, and it looks so good when they group together as a collection. However, it will be better if they can use more accent color (shape colors) in their collection, since the collection become a little bit too old and too vintage-like right now.

Raf Simons

Raf Simons did a good demonstration of color blocking, very nice sharp colors and they matched very well in the collection. I like the nice graphic of intarsia and printed t-shirt in this collection, very good presentation of the concept of pajamas. They use very luxury material like coated wool/denim,  satin mix spandex and velvet. They also applied the washing effect on material to make them become “OLD”.

Junya Watanabe

I really like what Junya Watanabe did for Fw 11 menswear collection, very wearable and innovative! They have nice use of 100% wool and pointe to make very delicate coats and jackets, they also use nice printed pointe to make jacket presenting the concept of pajamas. They really presented the modern outlier look.


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