Faye toogood- from 2-D to 3-D

Faye toogood- from 2-D to 3-D

Faye toogood is a installation, graphic and interior design team, and the founderer is Faye. It is a UK based design team that focus on  the development of branding and interior designs. They like to provide creative direction to their clients, and change a different image of some old brand in UK.


Styling/Photography related to interior designs

Faye toogood worked for different interior magazine in the world, including Vogue, Elle Decoration and Wallpaper*. They like to use different tools and materials to do different compostion in interior designs. They make different creations in between colors, space and interior placement.

Fashion Styling

Faye toogood also did some styling and installion setting works for fashion magazine. They like to use found materials , vintage props, and industrial elements to make scuptural , painterly and ambitious and installions.I also think that they can apply their fine art skills in fashion very well that we can easily see in their work. They also show how artist or design in different area think about fashion, which is very new and inspirational for us as a fashion designer.


Exhibition/ Event designs

Faye toogood like to communicate its idea and concepts through models, detailed drawings and plans, and is able to oversee contractors both on and off site. They like to rebuild the image of their clients (brands), to show up their point of view for this brand in event designs.
1. Corn Craft

2. Dover Street Market

3. Print Charming – Liberty

4. Habitat



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