Cosmic Wonder- Installation & Fashion Design Group

Cosmic Wonder- Installation & Fashion Design Group

Cosmic Wonder is established by artist Yukinori Maeda in 1997. Firstly, they focused on installation design and art presentation. They established their fashion brand – Cosmic Wonder Light Source in 2007, and established Cosmic Wonder Free Press for book and music. Cosmic Wonder hold exhibition around 1997 until now in New York, Tokyo, Milano and Vienne.

Light Garden installation exhibition.

Hidden Path of Light

To Sleep

Magic Village

A Shadow Necessary for Windows

Forest Height Lodge

Fashion Brand – Cosmic Wonder Light Source

Cosmic Wonder Light Source is inspired by various aspect of light , they weave the pattern of light into the clothing. Their aim to share the light warmth and to share the brightness of life. They also focus to environmental problems. For example, the fw 2010 collection – The Solar Garden. It focus on the ecologically lifestyle project presenting the energy of earth and its plants. They use chemical-free and fair-trade production process, like all of the print and colored fabric are hand-dyed and herbal prints. This present the natural beauty of clothing.


SS 11 collection – Spectral Coast

FW 10 collection- Peace


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