Ik- Industrial Jewelry

Ik- Industral Jewelry

Ik – full name as Ikev Ortizin , founded in 2005. It established by a group of gold smiths , jewelers and designers. They supported by the industral manufacturing and finished all stuffs by hand. All of their collection take inspiration from ancient arts of the jewelers and apply new technology in the development. They plan to make limited series and give all stuffs a reasonable prices. They like to invest much more time and energy in the creation of products. Ik plans to create one jewelry line each year. They start their collection in 2005 , first begin with rings , then necklaces, pulses and cufflinks etc.

They like to use different materials for their creation, including:

-stainless steel with clean, strong and radiant preferences.

-Titanium metal with comfortable, light weight and low maintenance preferences.

-Silver with white and malleable preferences.

-Gold (18gold )- expensive look preferences.

-Platinum with both soft and heavy preferences.

-Corian with variation of colors and easy to clean preferences.

-Stones (in different parts of the world)


2011 collection of Ik


Blog: http://www.madeindf.org/


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