London Fashion Week AW 2011 pick

London Fashion Week AW 2011 pick

London Fashion Week started from 18 Feb to 23 Feb, here are some of my favorite in fashion week.

Craig Lawrence

Craig Lawrence created “New Lace” in his collection, he use the elements come from natural to create his own lace. We can see the burn out fabric takes inspiration from the movement of water or the silhouette of trees. It is very nice to create such new lace knit or using the technique of burn-out, broken knit and pointelle knit.

Central Saint Martin MA Show – Jenny Postle

Jenny Postle = New Bernhard Willhelm Jenny Postle use very nice color patch with nice hand knit technique in her collection. It just let me think about some colorful toys in my childhood memory with very nice finish of her hand knit clothing, it just let me think about my idol Bernhard Willhelm.

Central Saint Martin MA Show- Pietro Franch

Pietro Franch have a nice use of grey tone color in his collection. His menswear collection is a bit unsex mood, with the nice print or intarsia of splashing ink and lines from. I like most of his shoes in this collection with very new shape and comfortable feeling.


In compare with the last collection, Erdem did a very different one this time. The last time he present a nice garden look for us, and he created a sexy night view for us this time. Edrem presented a romantic look in his AW 2011 collection, he use neon color print on velvet matching with lace and chiffon on top , showing a sexy and elegant look in his collection.

Les Chiffionies

Les Chiffionies did a very new presentation in their AW 11 collection. They applied cube shape and mix media in their collection to create the futuristic look . I think they can make their collection to be more wearable and make their theme to be more clear.

Mary Katrantzou

I like Mary Katrantzou as the new presentative of London’s fashion, she did very well in fashion graphic for her own digital print. AW 11 collection, she applied pattern from chinese ceramic and the embroidery of Chi pao. It is a good innovation that Mary Katrantzou applied new silhouette instead of cube shape in her collection, hope that she can put more effort on silhouette and pattern cutting.

Man programme – Martine Rose

“Man” Programme sponsored by Top shop support new designers from UK present their new collection in London Fashion Week. In AW collection, they choose Martine Rose to present her new menswear collection. Martine Rose applied textile design technique in her collection, let us feel about the mixture of street wear with ready-to-wear. The gold fold print also let me think about Issey Miyaki’s old collection, very good use of textile design.

Roksanda Llincic

Roksanda Llincic did a cultural expression in her AW 2011 collection. She puts different cultural elements including fringe, leather tape, big sequence and knit Jacquard in her collection.


Sibling presents very innovative print and presentation in their collection, it is a mixture of street fashion and costume design in their collection. I like their presentation of graffiti pattern in knitwear, they make it to be very childish intarsia.


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