ZUCZUG – Chinese Silhouette

ZUCZUG – Chinese Silhouette

ZUCZUG is a chinese brand founded by 2002 and established by chinese designer Wang Yiyang. He thinks that chinese designer always focus on the “Chinese signature” designs, but he think that their designs are too complicated , he wants his designs to be simple. Wang want to apply lifestyle to fashion, to show the relax , slow and simple like styles in fashion.His brand focuses on “Clothing” not “Fashion”, and his target customer should be people from real life. That’s why he said that everyone should be Zuczug’s modal. Wang want to show chinese own pattern cutting in his fashion, he thinks that size can change everything. He takes inspiration from Yohji Yamamoto, from his theory of fashion “Everything is oversize.”. Wang thinks that Japanese silhouette comes from Japanese Kimono. He wants to find chinese own silhouette from old costume, chinese architecture and lifestyle.

I like the brand name and the way they divided different lines in this brand. They named their own line as ZUCZUG/0, means start from basic. Their lifestyle line called ZUCZUG/for you, which focus on stationary and lifestyle product.
Latest collection (ZUCZUG/for u)- “Catch me/Catch time”

“Catch me/Catch time” takes inspiration from rabbit , they put rabbit pattern as embroidery , print and intarsia pattern in clothing. “Catch me /Catch time” comes from an old chinese phase “don’t wait for rabbit”, rabbit means time, ZUCZUG wants us to take our time and be motivation. “Catch me / Catch time” also has their own stationery set including calendar and organizer, showing the theme of “time”.

Latest Collection (ZUCZUG/0) – “Smile”

“Smile” means “be true” to yourself. ZUCZUG wants to make comfortable clothing for everyone, and he thinks that “Smile” is very natural elements. He wants ZUCZUG to be a natural and comfortable clothing like “Smile” and they focus on daily life , like we “Smile” everyday.

Visual Merchandising of ZUCZUG

VM of ZUCZUG is based on natural and comfortable, they choose wood as their own material.


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