Miss Aniela lives in her inception !

Miss Aniela in her inception !

Miss Aniela , full named as Natalie “Miss Aniela” Dybise, she is a fine art photographer based in London, UK. She learn photography by herself and express her 1st photo in Flickr. Flickr makes her become more and more popular, because people like her unique expression of work. Her photos can divided to be 3 series, “Self Gazing”, “Multiplicity” and ” Abandoned”. The modal of her photos is herself and she wants to present her dreams in photography. Miss Aniela also take inspiration from cultural sources of literature and film. She also affected by her favorite photographer Guy Bourdin and Gregory Crewdson.

Miss Aniela still doing her new series of photography, and she can’t put a new name for this series, so may be we can give her some suggestions. My suggestion is “Unprooted”, because this series of work showing some survivors in outdoor, so it give me a saving life feeling.

Self Gazing



New series (No Name)

Sketches of Miss Aniela


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