Unbounded Awe — “No Boundary” in fashion

Unbounded Awe — “No Boundary” in fashion

Unbounded Awe is a Korea brand created by Ku Won Jung. Ku Won Jung named her brand as “Unbounded Awe” since she thinks that there are no boundary to create something New between us like YOU & I. She always alone like only one “A” under the subjective point of view. That’s why she wants the “A” communicate with “we” who could be called public and she established her brand “Unbounded Awe”. She wants to share unlimited imagination to “we”.

Ku Won Jung is a BA graduate in Central Saint Martins and a master graduate in London College of Fashion. She established “Unbounded Awe” in 2010. Her 1st fashion show in Seoul is the AW 2011 collection of Unbounded Awe. She showed up her collection as a part of generation next designer in Seoul Fashion Week. This collection takes inspiration from ancient Egyptian mummy monsters that epitomizes our loneliness. She applied stripes and graphic prints and mummy bandages pattern prints to present her concept. I think that she did a good job in graphic design parts, it really makes me feel the loneliness of mummy monster. However, she can do more in the styling part to present a more modern monster look in her collection .

The AW 2010 collection from Unbounded Awe is a mixture of outerwear and street sleepers. The color mixture of this collection is so Unbounded Awe, and it is a good use of fabric.


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