The Rodnik Band — fashion being band

The Rodnik Band — Fashion being band

The Rodnik Band start from selling Russians scarf. The founder Philip Colbert studied philosophy and the shop name Rodnik band come from a shop founded in 1904 in Moscow. When the sales of Rodnik Band increase, he developed a fashion label, doing fashion mixing inspiration of music. Philip makes clothing with a strong sense of fun. He also likes to do conceptual object clothing like the sunflower dress that inspired by Van Gough and he likes to develop clothing based on classic shape too. He applied his own Lino print techniques to make his own print on clothing. Each styles of The Rodnik Band express artistic idea of Philip, he thinks that fashion has greatest value which is in fantasy and escapism. He plans to develop a high-end fashion line of The Rodnik Band in future.


The development of The Rodnik Band

Venus in Sequins

Conceptual material

Column Dressing


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