Scarf illustrator – Artaksiniya

Scarf illustrator Artaksiniya

Artaksiniya is a Moscow, Russia based illustrator. The character of her illustrator is using bright color to present the trendy fashion items. She and her partner Nikita established their scarf brand Square Lust. Square Lust created scarf with the mixture of art and fashion. They aims to make high quality silk scarves patterned with fancy arts. They never reproduced any sold-out pieces, which make all of them products become unique. All of the scarves for Square Lust made off 100% silk with hi-tech printing and hem perfectly accurate.


Illustration of Artaksiniya


Square Lust



Jewel Camo

Chiffon Chic

Ms Kitsch


For me, Square Lust is a brand with very marketable products. This is because digital print is a trend right now, more and more people think that digital print become a luxury. Square Lust has very detail print designs, and those bright colors draw people attention.My drawings for Square lust as below:


Criminal girl wearing Squrae Lust


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