Product or Fashion Design? Mint Designs

Product or Fashion Design? Mint Designs

Mint Designs is a Japan based fashion brand. Hokuto Katsui & Nao Yagi established Mint Designs in 2001. They aims to produce fashion in happy and romantic style and focus more on the emotion expression. Please also focus on the small details of Mint Designs’s clothing, you will find out the small details like children lace presents their childhood memories. Designers think that fashion is just a tool to present theme, and theme means daily life, trend and clothing etc. They prefer to think fashion to be a product and use the tool of product design to create fashion. They create fashion focus less on trend, and pay more attention in the wearable of clothing. The word “Mint” has two meaning, one is Mint herb, another is refresh and new. 

FW 11 collection “Fashion Surgery”

SS 11 Collection “Almost Blue”

AW 10 collection “A New Hope”

Instead of creating fashion collection, Mint Design also did a lot of exhibition to present their artistic sense. 

2011 Tai Pei exhibition “Happy Mistake!” – Pattern on Pattern

2010 exhibition “Paper Lace Cake” – Chocolate Cake Design

2009 exhibition “Bee-Doma” – Japanese confectionary Design for Toraya

For me, it is so happy to see a fashion brand like Mint Designs. They show the relationship between art and fashion. Their point of view of fashion is very inspirational. I really think that trend report is a guidelines for designers to create next season collection, but it is also very important to keep the character or the cultural background of designers. Mint Designs show how Japanese product design theory mix with fashion, the cute and functional clothing really show their point of view as a design, but still very trendy!

When Fashion Criminal? Fashion Being? meets Mint Designs:




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