The “Happiness” of being a designer- O Marchel Aae

The “Happiness” of being a designer- O Marchel Aae

O Marchel Aae is a HK & China based fashion brand. It established by a HK hairstylist Matt Chiu with the help of his sister Boyle Chiu. The name – “O Marchel Aae” itself has no meaning, it just a thinking process between alphabets and pronunciation, but it brings out the aims of brand ” all things are depends on process, there is no beginning and no end.”

They think that every creations are the record of emotion and feelings. The most funny part of being a “designer” is the thinking and testing process, it hasn’t any restriction of the word ‘”complete”. 

The Fw 2011 collection of O Marchel Aae has the element of FW 11 trend like box shape and bell shape. They also focus on the “mix & unmatch” of fabric, the mixture of different textural fabric can create a kind of harmony. They make the whole collection become minimal and simple to present some funny experiment in their design process.

Their 2nd line Selma Syndrame turn into a more experimental and edgy clothing. They think this is a project of deconstruction. Spin-off, reorganization, destruction, combination are the elements in the process of thinking. It also presents much more “happiness” of the designers.

Please see the offical website of O Marchel Aae:

The blog of O Marchel Aae:

When Criminal Girl meets O Marchel Aae


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