Inherited culture – Karishma Shahani

Inherited culture – Karishma Shahani

Karishma Shahani graduated in London College of Fashion in 2010. Her graduation collection named as Yatra. It is inspired by cultural and social inspirations predominantly form the basis of her influences. Yatra takes inspirations from India which is the land of dream and romance and has full of legends and traditions. Yatra presents with multiple layers of Indias’ vibrant culture. The colorful outfits present the vivid and eclectic character of India. The dyeing process using traditional dyeing methods and the colors are influenced by the traditional paintings of gods. The reinterpretation of materials present the re-use and recycling lifestyle of India. This collection makes a big contrast in visual. The making process of this collection keeping the culture and traditional methods, but the outfits hings on modern functionality.

I think this collection shows an innovative way to use traditional textile design methods, the color are bright and funny, it is a good demonstration of keeping cultural things with a new modern way.


Website of Karishma Shanai:




When Criminal Girl meets the shoes of Karishma Shahani’s collection Yatra.


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