Australia Fashion Week SS 12 pick – Dion Lee

Australia Fashion Week SS 12 pick – Dion Lee

Dion Lee is the award winner of L’oreal Fashion Festival Designer Award and he graduated in Sydney Institute of Technology. Dion Lee become famous since many fashion blogger like Susie Bubble and Net-a-porter. Dion Lee has a signature of modern verses classic, structured verses fluid and understated verses arresting.

The SS12 collection of Dion Lee is the mixture of conceptualize and commercialism. He play around digital print and bright blue colors and he even makes seams and darts in contrasting color. He has a strong theme of futurism with soft touching digtal print fabric which stand for his signature contrasting!

I like his new collection since he plays around different materials to present the theme of futurism. This is a good try and created a very summer look in mix media concept. I also like the accessories of this collection, he used some colorful stones for accessories, that also present his signature vintage versus new.

Dion Lee’s website:

When Criminal Girl meets Dion Lee SS12 collection:




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