London Fashion Week Pick SS2012 – Basso & Brooke

London Fashion Week Pick SS2012 – Basso & Brooke
Each season, I always take a look of Basso & Brooke’s collection . Maybe this is because I like their digital print very much, and maybe they are very british!

This season they put less focus on their signature – Bold print, but focus on some tropical theme that giving a new look / graphic direction for Basso & Brooke collection. Basso & Brooke also plays around draping silhouette with tropical digital print to create a funny effect with broken print pattern. When you take a close look of Basso & Brooke’s print, you will also find out a new development of mixing different cultural prints together in one collection. You can see there are a mixture of tropical prints with Japanese traditional print background. There are also a twist of using bright and shape colors like neon yellow and purple to light up the collection, that makes the collection become cultural and modern.


When Criminal Girl meets Basso & Brooke SS2012 collection


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