Fabric Crash and Mix – Saara Lepokorpi

Fabric Crash and Mix – Saara Lepokorpi

Saara Lepokorpi is a Helsinki based fashion designer. She graduated from the MA degree of Aalto University and started her own brand -Lepokorpi in 2011. 

Her designs are the marriage between the powerful,  statement and colorful tradition. She likes the stemming beauty from contradiction and conflict. She takes inspiration from technology and organic reality. She found all of her print patterns between freedom and restriction. Therefore, the high technology fabrics are mixed with the freedom/ tradition prints, which created modern, unapologetic and interpretation of femininity as her own styles. She also inputed her strong crafting skills in her designs, that makes her collections become unique handmade, special pieces and locally produced. 


The AW12 collection

The collection is the mixture of different fabrics and colors and forms. It is a crash of different design elements to find the special harmony in her collection. She also applied her own hand crafting skills in the collection , which turns these old techniques become more modern. The layering and slim silhouette is also a highlight of this collection, which matches well with the complicated colors and fabrication . 


The SS12 collection

SS12 collection presents something about wildlife. You can see the mixture of outerwear with delicate inner. It also presents what Saara Lepokorpi strongly believe about “The mixture of natural and modern”. She also used the hand pleating skills in her collection to continue the hand crafting style. The nice choosing of green color is a high light of this collection, it strongly present as the color in between natural and modern style. 

Website of Lepokorpi: http://www.saaralepokorpi.com/portfolio/

When Criminal Girl meets Lepokorpi:



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