Start from natural – C.neeon

Start from natural – C.neeon

C.neeon is a group of designers Clara Leskovar and Doreen Schulz  based in Berlin . They are all graduated in Kunsthochsuhule Berlin Weissensee 2004. Clara Leskovar studied in Textile Design and  Doreen Schulz studied in Fashion Design. They presents their 1st collection in Berlin Fashion Week “Becks Fashion Experience” named as “Daydreamnation” in March 2004. They won the Hyeres International Festival the prestigious Grand Prix 2005. London Fashion Week also invited them in “New Generation” fashion week. In the trip, they started to take the name ” C.neeon” as their brand name, inspired by the childhood nicknames. 

C. neeon interested in graphic / print designs, they likes to apply different patterns on their clothing. They set up their studio with different graphic designers, photographers and painters in an old kinder garden, while they do projects together , C.neeon has different ideas for printing. They applied all the ideas in silhouettes with intriguing volume and architectural, asymmetric shape. They start their 1st exhibition with their “roommate” in summer 2006 at Kunsgewerbe museum in Berlin. C.neeon already has different show room in Tokyo, New York, Paris and Berlin right now. 

SS12 collection 

C.neeon applied different Africa print patterns and color block patterns in their SS12 collection. The whole collection gives me a sense of environment protection. Since they applied a lot of plants-made printing on their clothing, that is a against of the pollution of printing industry right now. The whole collection also presents the outfits of human in wild. I like the color mixture of whole collection , but it will be better if there are more silhouette or details on the clothing. 

AW 11 collection 

AW 11 collection also has a human in wild mood, but this is a romantic version. I like the floral decoration on modal’s head, it matches the prints very much. The prints for AW11 collection is amazing, the nice bur digital print let me think about our environment, the rainy days. The look book for AW11 collection also like a black & white movie in the old days, but they have a highlight for the prints of clothing. It makes the whole collection become a moody collection . 

C.neeon’s website:

C.neeon’s online shop:

When Criminal Girl meets C.neeon:



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