Color Crash- Hirameki Design

Color Crash- Hirameki Design

Hirameki Design is a Finland based design group created by Harri Koskinen and Ilkka Suppanen.  Hirameki Design mainly focus on installion  design and home furniture design. 

The word “HIRAMEKI” is a moment of epiphany, a spark, inspiration. Hirameki used six color themed sparks to present itself. Since Hirameki want to present the moment when one color changes to another. This moment means a new persective and an opportunity to exchange views and designs together. Six colors including:

Black- means Authors and icon, the development of products and the people behind them. 

White-means Light and thinking, the reflection of light and innovation

Green- Sustainability, Rethinking welfare, sustainable solutions for the future. 

Grey – Design and Industry, design as a strategic tool in product development. 

Blue- Suomi, Finland- the way of living in Finland

Neon- Attitude, way of surprising people 


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