Moving Messager—- Nouio

Moving Messager—- Nouio 

Nouio based in Taipei, Taiwan. The founder – Tri Nouio studied at Shih Chien University and graduated in 2011. His 1st brand named as Noumenon and started in 2011. Noumenon designs clothing combine art, technology and fashion in the use of 3D imaginary on fabric. It creates unique styles by using futuristic aesthetics and classic silhouettes. 

Nouio’s graduation collection named as Tridulun, showing in SS12 season. The inspiration comes from 3D technology and nature pattern. Nouio thinks that image is easier to convey than message, so he adapted 3D technology to develop motility influenced by nature for collection. When people wearing 3D glasses, it is intended to be a distraction from the human form. 

I really like the concept of using 3D technology as print pattern, It gives a movement for the clothing and the pattern will be more attractive. I also like the lookbook of Tridulun, it fits the topic of nature movement with the unique road background of Taiwan. It is very Asia-like collection but with a twist with European silhouette and color palette. 

SS12 Tridulun


Nouio’s official website:

Nouio’s NotJustALabel account:


When Criminal Girl meets Nouio:


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