Moon Reflection – Aureliesutter

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Moon Reflection – Aureliesutter 

Aurelie Sutter is established by Switzerland based designer – Aurelie. She is studying at Geneva University Of Art & Design and will graduated in 2012. Having studied in 2010 at the International Exchange in Copenhagen at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in Fashion Design. She learn a lot of the new trend of Denmark. She also get inspiration from the nature of Denmark, the moon light affect her a lot. She developed the collection ” Moon as mood” in the exchange period, it takes inspiration from the natural environment of north Europe. Aurelie Sutter give us a moody and strong meaning collection in “Moon as Mood”. Using the mixture of soft knit broken stitches fabric with thick woven linen fabric. The main color of this collection is white and beige, I like the hair accessories of this collection so much, it gives a fairy-look for the modal. 

“Moon as Mood”

Aurelie Sutter’s account in NJAL:

When Criminal Girl meets Aurelie Sutter 


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