Fall 2012 overview – Preen ” in revolution”

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Preen keeps their tradition of transforming the Spring collection elements to Fall collection. In Fall 2012, they choose to bring the femininity and steam ling of silhouette to Fall 2012. Preen takes inspiration from The Victorian style. Their muse is the mixture of Virginia Woolf and Beatrix Potter. They want their muse is the Victorian traveler and illustrator. 

The whole collection uses the main trend of Fall 2012 – Fabric Block as key item. The use the unique material – Scuba Wool, and dye it to be sharp color or print floral pattern on top to do fabric blocking. What’s make the collection become more feminine is the sequins and embroidery on top of floral prints. Preen also wants to apply a strong face to their new collection , by applying the minimal cuttings and silhouette on the clothing. 

I like the fabric using and colors of this collection, the sharp color and floral print are really match to each others. It is a trendy collection. However, I really require a kind of stunning beauty in Preen’s collection. I like their ideas in the past, and I prefer more in Fall 2012. I know they are in revolution, and I hope the revolution will continues and doing better and better in next collection. 

When Criminal Girl meets Preen Fall 2012 collection


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