Rough and delicate – Gemma Redux

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Rough and delicate – Gemma Redux

Gemma Redux is a brand established by Rachel Dooley. Rachel Dooley is a girl not really related to fashion, she finish her BA studies of mechanical engineering and material science in University of Michigan. She also takes her MA course in Fordham University School of Law and working in a law firm in Manhattan. She is living in a life completely not a fashion people did,  but in 2005 she did her 1st jewelry collection using mixed metal and most of the celebrity wearing her jewelry. She is totally in love of industrial metals and raw stones, it push her to quit her lawyer job and establish her own brand – Gemma Redux in 2009. 

Rachel Dooley likes to discover new and raw stones and put them into some big contrasting material- industrial metal. She said ” These two materials are kind of enemy , but they can be closer.” This is because metal is kind of primarily industrial and stones are roughs and intense. All of them come from nature, natural materials can turn to be high end products. She used her handmade techniques with these natural material and turn them to be Gemma Redux’s unique high quality jewelry. 

The NJAL account of Gemma Redux :


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