Feel as … an inspirational blogger— Joey Ma

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Feel as … an inspirational blogger— Joey Ma

Joey Ma is a HK fashion blogger with his fashion blog “Individuality”, and also a fashion blogger of HK fashion magazine Ketchup. Joey Ma established his fashion blog in 2010, and he likes to mix & match different clothing together and wearing and photo-shooting them in his fashion blog. In the “About” in his fashion blog, he said that he likes people to “Feel something” in his fashion blog, the feelings can be good or bad. However, he don’t like judging, judging for him is something that critical… He didn’t like to write too many words in his fashion blog, he would like to explain himself through photos.

For me, What I feel in his blog is “He is a super inspirational fashion blogger.” As a Hong Kong based fashion designer, I know that it is hard to express ourselves to public, he is so brave to express who he is in his fashion blog. He is good at mix & match, he choose clothing from big famous brand , vintage shops or even some upcoming designers. I really like the upcoming designers he presents in the fashion blog like Daniel Palillo, Phenomenon and Makin Jan Ma. I listened an interview in a Hong Kong radio program that invited Joey Ma as a guess. He said that he likes Germany Designer so much, and he would like to present the designers and design culture of Germany to Hong Kong people through his fashion blog. I appreciate what he did,  I also appreciate his strong fashion sense! But….. I also would like to see more Hong Kong Designers’ clothing can be shown in his fashion blog, hope he can promote more Hong Kong based fashion designer to public and… to the world~

(Copy from Individuality- Joey Ma’s Fashion Blog)

Joey Ma’s Fashion Blog:


When Criminal Girl meets Joey Ma

I am very happy that Joey Ma like my sketch~~~

This one is special for him!! hope he like it too ~


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