I enjoy this party!! – Tat Ming Pairs Concert 2012

I enjoy this party!! – Tat Ming Pairs Concert 2012 

I have been in Tat Ming Pairs Concert in 22 April, it is such an amazing concert!!!

Tat Ming Pairs is a Hong Kong Band playing electronic music. They established their band in 1986, publishing so many well none music in Hong Kong. The two members – Anthony Wong as the singer, Tats Lau as song writer and bass. Their songs mainly take inspiration from the society  and politic problem in Hong Kong. After the 2005 concert, they join together this year for their 25 anniversary celebration. 

I listened their music for around 10 years, and attended their concert in 2005. I really think that this concert is totally different from what they did before. They did it more edgy and more political, which is a good sample for Hong Kong people that are afraid to stand up. The most impressive point is one of the member Anthony Wong really “stand up” and tell all of his audience his is a gay guy. May be it is a common thing in European countries, for us , as a chinese-based country, it needs to be brave to tell the truth. I really appreciate what he done. 

For the clothing of Tat Ming Pairs Concert, it is really fashionable and edgy. The clothing designer is Thomas Chan, which is a famous concert outfits designer in Hong Kong. I really like the neon color , 80s inspired suit and the future inspired ending outfits. The stage design is inspired by a 80s’ Stereo, it is the tool that Tat Ming Pairs listened music when they start their band.  It just like they would like to bring all audience back to their age and their music world. 

The whole concert is a Hong Kong-concert, but it is still very edgy and advance-guard. 

Copy from Tat Ming Pairs Facebook 


I really enjoy Tat Ming Pairs’ Party!!

Specially for Ming Gor <— You are sooooo brave!





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