A Princess? A Prince? – Anne Catherine Frey

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A Princess? A Prince? – Anne Catherine Frey 

Anne Catherine Frey is a Fashion Blogger of a truly intriguing subject. She is also a fashion design student at ESMOD and become the buyer of The Kooples. Anne is a well-known fashion blogger within the Paris fashion community. She has a signature of the love of details. You may see she makes a leopard sweater to be skirt and adds some small details like animal head buckles in her outfits. This signature let Vogue notice her and report her in the September 2011 issue. 

Anne also like to report others’ outfits, like her report of  Hanne Gaby Odiele and Miles Mcmillam is very inspirational. The other inspirational thing is Anne always post her drawings in her blog, it is unique and amazing!

Anne’s Drawings:

Miles McMillam’s outfits chosen by Anne

Hanne Gaby Odiele’s outfits chosen by Anne

Copy Write from a truly intriguing subject (Anne Cathrine Frey’s Fashion Blog) 


When Criminal Girl meets Anne Cathrine Frey (The 4th drawings of Anne Cathrine Frey) 


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