Punked Editor – Kate Lanphear

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Punked Editor – Kate Lanphear 

Kate Lanphear is the Senior fashion editor of Elle Magazine in UK. I noticed Kate in different famous fashion snapshot blog like Jil and Jak, Citizencouture and Face Hunter… She looks fabulous! Her unsex style with the punk rock accessories is so unique and luxurious. She likes to mix n match dress with platinum blonde locks, her wardrobe is filled with studs, chains and black skinny jeans. Her favorite designer is the vintage Helmut Lang and Margiela.  She said that she takes inspiration from culture of different cities and numerous fashion blogs. So… may be that’s mean observation and practice makes perfect!

Kate worked in Australia before for 8 years, and the result is “always about a boy.” She worked in Australia Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and moved to UK since 2008. Kate studied in Journalist for her university life, she likes fashion , and try to work as a fashion reporter after her graduate. Kate becomes famous because of her unique white hair mixing with unsex style, and this makes her become rock star in fashion world. 

Copy from Kate Lanphear’s blog: Fear Lanphear


Kate Lanphear’s facebook page:



Illustration of Kate Lanphear

( I drew Kate Lanphear with a colorfule background to show her grey tone style in a big contrast with the crazy colored world!) 




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