Analysis through designers- Fashion Forecast of ITS 2012

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Analysis through designers- Fashion Forecast of ITS 2012 

After the chosen of finalist in ITS (International Talented Support) 2012 , ITS committee analysis the work of applicants and made their own fashion forecast. This Fashion Forecast targeted to the view of designer about the future trend. 

This year they analysis the fashion trend as below:

Phoenix & Bird – Most of the applicants used feather as a details of their designs and There are also some feather trims in menswear or jewelry designs. 

3D elements- Transversally is the meaning used technique in the applicant of ITS 2012, which also means that two dimensions are no longer enough for fashion. 

Black n White – The used of Black n White means the questions ” Whose side are you on? ” It is a question of being Good or being Evil. May be inspired by the society or the economic environment right now, the applicants want to present a renewal or a rebirth of fashion. 

Covered face and religious elements- This year there are a special attention to muslim women’s headresses and some of the religious elements in other applicant’s work – like womanswear element in menswear that is Islamic tradition. The covered face detail is a trend of applicant’s work too, which presents a kind of religious meaning in their outfits. 

Contrasting Elements – means the mixture of romanticism and metallic, presents in the mixture of lace and metal trims or accessories. This mixture has a symbolic meanings, presenting the contrast of a woman (like the strong woman side and the femininity side) 

Green and Blue – The applicants of ITS 2012  also like to use Green and blue as the main colors of their collection. Aquamarine, Celadon Green, Green Tea, Turquoise, Pale Turquoise, Robin Egg Blue and Forest Green etc are meanly used. They apply these colors in color blocking and prints. 

Mental Illness- Mental Illness is a main theme of the collection received by ITS 2012. Normally, Mental Illness featured in times of crisis. Designers present it in different identity through the inflect of different culture in the world. 

Strong Woman – Strong Woman is the sum up theme of Phoenix and bird and Contrasting element. It present the woman play different role in their daily life. 

Volumes Below – The Volumes Bottom is commonly seen in ITS 2012. It matches with the 3D trimmed tops or dress. The Volumes Bottom focus on parts under the knee. 

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