Very London! – Diesel Black Gold Label Resort 2013

Very London! – Diesel Black Gold Label Resort 2013 

Diesel Black Gold Label give us a totally London look in resort 2013. The graffiti print , the silhouette and the trench coat show a new version of London fashion beings. The designer Sophia Kokosalaki lives in London’s east end near the Victoria Park, and this look is her observation of London Citizens. She said that ” You might not have money but your look is important.” She chosen some fashion items in her daily live. Including the threaded knit when can be easily seen in Broadway Market, the baseball jacket which is the same style that designer worn in the age of 16. 

I can say that this collection presents the old days or childhood of the designers, the collection is very 80s style. Designers put new print on the clothing, the print is inspiration a postmodernism exhibition in Victoria & Albert Museum. I really like the print on top matching with the London-based rock style. You can easily see this collection presents the culture of London and having new revolution of the use of print and silhouette. 

See More:–diesel-black-gold-resort-13-24882.html



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