Modern Fairy Tell- Givenchy Resort 2013

Modern Fairy Tell – Givenchy Resort 2013

Givenchy used the old photo of Hubert de Givenchy’s muse Bettine as inspiration , mixed with “Gypsy” style and Geometric color blocks to create a modern collection. The designer choose to use Cap mixed with harem pants, long dress and boxy style to present a little bit feeling of unsex . Yes, just like said the collection is the mixture of romantic and sharpness. 

As my point of view, this collection is not a really surprising collection in compare of some of the collection of Givenchy before. This one is very commercial fitting in the trend. You can see the boxy style and scarf digital print is a trend right now, and the signature of Givenchy. I like this collection because it applied some vintage elements in the collection. As my impression of Givenchy, it is a modern and funky brand. This collection keeps the image of Givenchy, mixing it with some gypsy printing on it, it gives me a feeling of some solder in fairy tell story. The solder is built by woman with a kind of feminine  and a strong heart. 

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