Discover the up and coming – Joyce Exclusive online collection

Discover the up and coming – Joyce Exclusive online collection

Joyce, as a leading retailer in Hong Kong, has a new project of selling nine designers in their online shop right now. The buyers of Joyce visited the atelier and showrooms of each designer to uncover designers’ thoughts and inspirations behind the collections. 

Charles Frederick Worth 

The brand Charles Frederick Worth established in 1858, it has a image of Parisenne Couture. However, the brand had a subsequent closure in 1956. Charles Frederick Worth reopened in 2010, with Giovanni Bedin as head designer. The rebirth of Charles Frederick Worth get inspiration from immensely rich achieves. The design of Charles Frederick Worth is very detailing, with the use of lace and layering in clothing. I like the pastel color  and the hand made details in Joyce Exclusive collection, it really show the spirit of Charles Frederick Worth. However, I am wondering whether they can make the collection become more modern to fit in the trend right now. 

David Koma

Beyonce worn David Koma’s black dress on 2009 MTV EMA Awards and the dress rocks all fashioner. David Koma is a Georgian designer, the bold architectural silhouette and metallic embellishment is the signature of David Koma. He also likes to mix tough materials and print with soft fabric. For me, it is quite surprise that David Koma is an American designer, the clothing really give me the feeling of UK designers. I like the rock image and the silhouette of collection, but I think David Koma can add more colors in his clothing to make more marketable. 

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Heaven Tanudiredja

The theme of Heaven Tanudiredja’s design is “beautiful robots”. He used rare stones as main materials applied with different shapes and configurations. Heaven Tanudiredja aims to create breathtaking and beautiful pieces. The designer, Heaven Tanudiredja, graduated in Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Art and he won the Dries Van Noten Award with his graduation collection. After the graduate, he works for Dries Van Noten, then he set up his own jewelry label in 2009.  

I really like the jewelries of Heaven Tanudiredja, since they play around different texture and matching the stones with neon colors background. They make stone jewelry become modern and chic. Heaven Tanudiredja make big jewelry, but it is also easy for mix & match. It looks good with tube dress and blouse, and it will be so eye-catching when it is wearing for work!

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Piers Atkinson

Piers Atkinson works as an artist, illustrator, milliner, costume designer, party organiser, fashion editor in UK. He studied graphic designer in University of Bristol, after the graduation, he works as a fashion editor in Disorder Magazine. Piers Atkinson established in 2008, and collaborate with Ashish, J Maskvey Noki in their collections. 

I noticed Piers Atkinson with his red cherry headband reported by SusieBubble. I really shocking about his designs, it is dramatic and marketable (Yes, I know they are two contrasting words, but it really fits Piers Atkinson) The colors, the shape and the theme really fits party wear. It also fits the designer Piers Atkinson himself , because… he is a party guy and I really think that he can consider to be a candy shop owner too!

The designer – Piers Atkinson

Piers Atkinson’s own FW 12 collection

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Quentin Verson

Quentin Verson used a traditional material to make his collection – Fur. His designs applying new fashion elements , cutting and silhouette on it. I really think that apply something “New” in a traditional material is not an easy thing, Quentin Verson really did some changes in the collection. I suggest that he can put more fresh colors in his collection, or applying different textured material mix with fur to make the clothing more modern and uniqueness. 

Rad Hourani

Rad Hourani is a sample of stylist-turned-designer, he shows his 1st collection in Paris in the age of 25, and he was being a stylist in the age of 19. Rad Hourani has the point of view of stylist, he learned what worked and what didn’t. His collection aims to produce some clothing in the theme of unsex, there are no menswear and womanswear in his collection, just some clothing that very structural, sleek and exquisite. I think Rad Hourani did a minimal collection in Joyce exclusive online shop, and I really like his idea of unsex. The unsex concept really a new direction in fashion world . However, I hope that he can add more details in his designs. 

Tsolo Munkh

Tsolo Munkh is a south Mogolian born and Paris trained. She graduated from Atelier Chardon Savard in 2009 and won the Prestigious Prix Public in 25th International Festival of Fashion and Photography. In 2010, she established her own label Tsolo Munkh. I like the blue color of her clothing, it is modern, minimal and showing more details of clothing. May be you will think that it just blue colors in her collection, but you can see so much details and ideas in her clothing. The blue colors just make the clothing become more easy to wear and marketable. 

Una Burke

Una Burke is an accessories designer based in UK. She chosen leather as her main materials and applies traditional techniques in her designs. She likes to create structural garments  and make her designs as a piece of art. Una Burke studied her BA design programme in Limerick School of Art & Design. She worked in Philip Treacy, Burberry after the graduation. She also studied her MA  Fashion Artetact programme in London College of Fashion in 2009. She also as a winner of ITS 2008. 

I notice Una Burke in some fashion magazine, her designs give me a feeling of injured people. In her latest collection, I think Una Burke applied some cultural pack up in the collection, she applied Japanese Bushido culture in the collection. I also think that it is a nice chosen of color in her collection, it makes her work more marketable. 

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Yang Du

Fashion Criminals? Fashion Beings? reported Yang Du before , I also think that she is an energetic , playful and modern designer. The FW  2012 collection awarded in New Gen two seasons in row in London and she also has shown in Paris. I think her new collection plays in between childrens wear and womenswear, it really reminds my childhood memories. Her use of colors is simple but sharpness. I also like her presentation in FW 2012 collection, it is a Happy Zoo. All animals (moderns) play together and strong message of reminding care of our earth. 

Yang Du’s FW 2012 collection:

For more information:

When Criminal Girl meets Joyce Exclusive online collection: 



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